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Marholmen - a hundred years of hotels, swimming and meetings in the Roslagen archipelago.

Here our marketing manager Bibi Rydbacken tells journalist Oliver Hugemark about Marholmen during an interview for Scan Magazine in the summer of 2023.

1. tell us about your origins and history and memorable milestones on your journey.

People have been bathing, laughing, resting, developing, meeting and enjoying Marholmen for more than a hundred years and we have a beautiful heritage to manage.

In 1913, Nils & Hanna Berg donated part of the island to the labor movement (LO) to set up a rest home and a school for female factory workers. The first principal of the school was Natanael Beskow, who was married to the famous children's author Elsa. In the summers they lived on Marholmen and stood together on the bridge to welcome the new pupils to the island. Some of Elsa's fairy tales are inspired by Marholmen.

Today Marholmen is owned and developed by the Swedish Municipal Workers' Union and we are convinced that we at Marholmen have the opportunity to contribute to a better society.

2. tell us about your values, passion, inspirations, and what drives you and your employees?

Marholmen is not a Mediterranean resort. It is an island in Swedish nature. Here, every season is its own celebration and our guests get a stay that takes advantage of everything that belongs to an island in Roslagen. Our food, our history, our culture and our way of being.

The warm atmosphere and the casual and caring approach make everyone feel at home. We want our guests to leave with the feeling that they have had a wonderful experience that they want to return to and share with others.

3. Tell us about the relationship you and your business have with the Roslagen archipelago?

In classical mythology, islands are a place where the gods live. Everyone is welcome to Marholmen. The bridge over to Marholmen is like the gateway to another world, embraced by water and offering unique experiences, adventures and memories for life.

At Marholmen, you can get away from the noise and stress of the city and embrace the peace and beauty of the surrounding nature.

4. What is unique about living with you?

I often meet guests who spent their summer vacation at Marholmen as children and who continue the tradition of coming back again and again with their own children. Many guests who are here for a kickoff or conference, come back with family and friends - and vice versa! I think it is because of the relaxed atmosphere, the beautiful nature, the good food and that there is always something new to discover and do as we are a place in constant development.

5. What are the most popular activities and excursions at the hotel and on the island?

Swimming, canoeing, boat trips and glamping on rafts moored at Rackaren Island are just some of the activities available on the island. All year round you can enjoy the Mareld Spa with light therapy, or buy a Kolbulle cooked over an open fire at one of our barbecue areas. At Badholmen you can try a cold bath, sauna and enjoy our hot tubs. A new feature this fall is the outdoor pool 7° Bad & Bastu. For groups, there is also a wide range of activities to suit everyone, including challenging your colleagues on the Marholmens Mästare activity course - which is just as fun as it sounds!

Retreat to Marholmen: a century of heritage in the heart of the Roslagen archipelago

6. What different options do your guests have to customize their stay with you?

As a guest at Marholmen, the accommodation options are many. Whether you choose to stay in a comfortable hotel room with its own terrace or balcony, a charming Marholmen cottage or a characterful villa, there is something for everyone. For those who want a unique experience, Marholmen also offers glamping tents on Rackaren Island during the summer months and pitches with electrical outlets for those who bring their own accommodation all year round.

7. Finally, what is the best thing about Marholmen in short?

That we take Nils and Hanna's legacy further by making it possible for many to experience, meet and rest at Marholmen, We hope and believe that they would be proud of today's Marholmen and rejoice that everyone is still welcome here, more than a hundred years later.