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On the buffet table, you can choose from a wide range of fresh ingredients and fantastic side dishes.

Here you'll find everything from fresh fruits, vegetables and cress to meatballs, bacon and scrambled eggs, along with a variety of breads, spreads, yogurt and film milk with a wide range of toppings. Don't miss our popular homemade granola whose recipes vary and are inspired by the season. Children's favorites are the little pancakes, while adults can choose to end their breakfast with a sweet pastry.

Times and prices

Tips from our breakfast manager Anna:
"A sandwich with beetroot salad and meatballs is unexpectedly good all year round!"

We try as far as possible to ensure that there is something for all tastes on our breakfast buffet. Of course, we have a wide range of lactose/gluten-free and vegan options.

Accommodation for guests at Marholmen

If a buffet breakfast is included in your room rate or package, you will always see it on your confirmation. If it is not included, you can add it to your booking. You do this by updating your online booking or contact us at reception@marholmen.se or tel. +46 (0) 771 16 17 00 no later than the day before arrival.

External guests

Even if you are not a resident guest, you are of course welcome to enjoy our breakfast! Book a table no later than the day before to reception@marholmen.se or tel. 0771-16 17 00.

Breakfast opening hours are

Tuesday - Friday 06.30-9.00 hours
Saturday - Monday and public holidays 07.30-10.00 hours

Please note that weekend opening hours apply during school holidays.



A warm welcome!