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As a dog owner, you can choose to stay in a hotel or in one of our cottages.

Live comfortably with your dog in Marholmsstuga

Bring your best friend and check into one of our cottages for a wonderful vacation together. We have several Marholmsstugor where you can bring your dog.

The cottages are perfect for dog owners as they are close to the walking paths, the dog beach, the light trail and the agility course. And of course, they are all on the ground floor, so it's easy to walk your dog.

Book a doghouse online and wait for confirmation of availability or call us on +46 (0) 771 16 17 00 for personalized service. A dog supplement of 300 SEK will be added.

Bring your dog to the hotel

You're welcome to check into a hotel with your dog. All our hotel rooms have balconies overlooking the water or green areas - no long corridors or stairs to walk your dog!

The hotel is just a stone's throw from the water and lovely walking paths for you and your dog. The room includes a dog bed and water bowl.

Meals are available in the hotel lobby, where dogs are allowed in a separate area. We also offer take away if you would like to take the food with you on an excursion or to your hotel room.

You are welcome to check in with your dog,

Book a dog room online and wait for confirmation, or call us on +46 (0) 771 16 17 00. A dog supplement of 300 SEK will be added.

Tips for activities you can do with your dog in Marholmen.

Marholmens Agility course

Do you and your dog like agility? Then you should visit the agility course. Here you and your dog can practice obstacles such as slalom between oars, a tunnel made of logs, balancing over a fallen tree and agility when your dog has to jump through lifebuoys. The agility course is inspired by the archipelago with oars as slalom and lifebuoys as obstacles.

A very popular agility course suitable for both large and small dogs. The course is only a minute's walk from the hotel with all facilities and a few minutes walk from the dog beach and beautiful coniferous forest with electric light trails.

Training with your dog

If you like to train strength, fitness and balance together with your dog, we highly recommend a session in Marholmens Walking Gym. The training round is about 1.5 km and takes you and your dog around a beautiful bark track that is also an electric light track with seven training stations where both you and your dog can train by jumping up and down on stumps, walking or running through tires, practicing obedience while doing situps or running intervals together between stations.

The only thing that can stop you and your dog from having a great workout in the woods is your imagination.


Take a dip on the dog beach

At the secluded dog beach, just a few minutes' walk from the hotel, you can swim with your dog.

Next to the dog beach, you'll also find a larger grassy area to hang out with other dog owners. Note that it is not fenced, so feel free to bring a long leash if you want your dog to be able to run off after swimming.