During the period June 24 through August 11, our Marholm dinner is served in the form of a three-course summer buffet. Two different Summer Buffets are varied every other evening. If you have booked a package that includes Marholm dinner, you eat the Summer Buffet.

Marholmen's Summer Buffet

Every other evening, Buffet Menu #1 is served and every other evening Buffet Menu #2 is served, these menus alternate during the period June 24 through August 11. The buffet is served from 17:00, the last bookable seating time is 21:00. The buffet is served until 22:00.

Price: Adults 375 SEK | Children up to 12 years 175 SEK


Buffet menu#1



Shrimp in horseradish mayonnaise
Pure on green peas, almond and aged cheese, radish and fried khataifi

Tartar on veal thighs
Capers, Dijon mustard, mayonnaise, tarragon and grated egg yolk

Cooked white asparagus
Fresh cheese flavored with browned butter, seaweed caviar, asparagus vinaigrette and salt-roasted seeds


Hot dishes

Tender strip with chimichurri
Butter baked potato "idaho", muscovado glazed carrots and truffle mayonnaise

Boiled salmon
Rum sauce, boiled new potatoes, browned butter & salad of green asparagus, sugar peas, leaves and herbs

Smoked and grilled prime rib sausage
Roasted corn, smoked paprika, parmesan cheese and barbecue sauce

Roasted beets and carrots
Dried olives, roasted quinoa, pickled radish, mayonnaise flavored with dill and fennel seeds



3 kinds of chocolate cream
Sunflower brittle

Lemon cream and blueberries
Baked shortbread and meringue

Vanilla cream, pine cone syrup and sponge cake



Buffet menu #2



Cold smoked cod
Egg cream, chives and lemon marinated fennel

Roasted venison heart
Jalapeno mayonnaise, kohlrabi and hazelnut oil

Variation on carrot
Parmesan cheese and Espelette pepper


Hot dishes

Lemon and honey roasted chicken thighs
Paprika and walnut cream, roasted garlic mayonnaise and saffron bulgur

Seared tuna with lime and pomegranate syrup
Citrus dressing, potato salad with summer onions, celery cabbage and heart salad

Mint and garlic fried pluma
Tzatziki, sweetened red onion, olives, eggplant and fried potato wedges

Fire cheese from Rö farm dairy
Beetroot hummus, pea salad, couscous, parsley and mint, lemon aioli and Swedish tomatoes



Whipped berry panna cotta
Toasted white chocolate and rye bread crouton

Raspberry compote with coriander seeds
Sugar toasted oats and vanilla cream

Chocolate brownie
Pistachio and sea salt


Subject to possible changes. 


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