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Autumn at Marholmen

As summer fills us with life, fall takes over. Strengthened by rest and lazy days, it is time to rediscover our relationships. The landscape shifts to a warmer scale, leaves cover the ground and the smell of apples and mushrooms fills the air. We harvest, store and cook everything nature provides, serving slow cookery and apple pie with salty caramel sauce.

We light lanterns and candles, play board games by the fire and crochet the scarf several times before going out for an autumn walk. The reeds are blooming with purple shoots. When the reeds bloom, it's fall.

Our top tips for experiencing fall on Marholmen.

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Tasting and smelling the autumn pantry

Book a relaxing spa treatment

Book your spa treatment.

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Cooking a charcoal bun over an open fire

Take a long autumn walk

Cold bathing with sauna at Badholmen

Price 175 kr per person and hour

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Slip out on the last kayak trip of the year

Rentals are made as long as the weather permits.

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Forest bathing on Strömsholmen

Go on a walking tour of the island

My place on the island

Here, our staff members point out their favorite places on the island.

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Winter on Marholmen

Winter baths, hot drinks, fire. Snow, hoarfrost, sparkling morning after cold night. Frost-soaked cheeks and hot chocolate with whipped cream. Sofas, blankets, armchairs. The wispy lashes of the reeds remain all winter.


Spring at Marholmen

Buds burst, sprout, wake up. Light filters between newly emerged leaves. Feelings of spring, a word that tingles the body.
Spring rush, spring bathing as an awakening, fresh.
The reeds are bright green.


Summer at Marholmen

Summer makes us wild and beautiful. Swimming in smooth and soft seas, sun-dried on the dock wrapped in terry cloth. Strawberries, flowers, bright warm evenings. We serve ice cream with strawberries. The reeds are straw yellow.