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Spring at Marholmen

Buds burst, sprout, wake up. The light filters between newly emerged leaves.
Feelings of spring, a word that tingles the body.
Spring rush, spring bathing as an awakening, fresh. The reeds are bright green.


Welcome to experience the changing seasons here at Marholmen!

Our beautiful villas are now renovated!

Just in time for Easter, all our villas are now newly renovated with high standards and retained charm. Here you can enjoy the cottage on your own terms.

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Time for Marholmen's delicious Easter table

Also this year we will set up our lovely Easter table! Served in two sittings on Good Friday, Easter Eve and Easter Day.

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New! Take your teenager to the spa

Do you have a teenager or perhaps a grandchild that you want to spend more quality time with? Then the Svea Junior Spa package is the perfect choice.

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The old vineyard becomes Beda's flower meadow

Together with our local flower partner, Kärodlat Roslagen, we are currently establishing a flower farm for cut flowers in the old vineyard here at Marholmen. This investment means that we will be self-sufficient in flowers all year round.

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C/O Gerd + Marholmen = true

C/O Gerd's products, which are made in Jokkmokk with care for nature, animals and people, are now available in Mareld Spa, 7° Bad & Bastu and in most accommodations. Even our spa treatments are performed with C/O Gerd's products.

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Spring flavors in restaurant Skärgårdsro

Isn't spring the best culinary time of the year with all the seasonal produce? Or how about classic spring flavors like lamb, asparagus and rhubarb? Now the flavors of spring are served in Restaurant Skärgårdsro.

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Our top tips for experiencing spring in Marholmen.

  • All
  • Spa
  • Adventure
  • Love
  • Cottage fun
  • Food & Wine
  • Bath & Sauna
  • Family
  • Dog & Exercise

Cold bathing at Badholmen

Try a cold bath in the sea with a sauna on your own island.

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Taste the primers of spring

Rest and just be

Book glamping!

Book a glamping adventure to look forward to this summer.

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Enjoy a spa treatment

Walking in the newly awakened nature

Summer at Marholmen

Summer makes us wild and beautiful. Swimming in smooth and soft seas, sun-dried on the dock wrapped in terry cloth. Strawberries, flowers, bright warm evenings. We serve ice cream with strawberries. The reeds are straw yellow.


Autumn at Marhomen

Once summer has filled us with life, fall takes over. The landscape changes to a warm scale, the leaves cover the ground and the smell of apples and mushrooms. We harvest, store and cook everything nature provides. When the reeds bloom, it's fall.


Winter on Marholmen

Winter baths, hot drinks, fire. Snow, hoarfrost, sparkling morning after cold night. Frost-soaked cheeks and hot chocolate with whipped cream. Sofas, blankets, armchairs. The wispy lashes of the reeds remain all winter.