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Arne, Conference & Activity

Strömholmen's activity course

I have been involved in building large parts of the track, so it is particularly close to my heart. Most of it is made from recycled material and logs from the forest. The axe board is a large electric drum from a construction site on the island. The moose is built from some iron pipes that were a fence. The duel is an old table that I wrapped in wood.

Now I am building the metal fishing lane from logs from the forest, stone from the blasting from the hotel, wood from an old windbreak and metal fish from old garbage cans. Right now, the investment for the new lane is a few screws and some fishing rods.

Anna, breakfast and coffee shop manager

Bridge over to Rackaren

I chose this place because it is such a nice place to spend the summer days with the family. On the small dog beach next to it, you are often alone and can fully enjoy with children and dogs and from the beautiful bridge you can see the fish in the stream from the small plateau.

Robban, caretaker

The acorn in Villa Hanna's garden

In my job in the real estate department, I move all over the island and constantly find new favorite places depending on the weather, wind and season. But the wooden sculptures that you can see everywhere on the island are particularly close to my heart. I made them from old stumps with a chainsaw when I had a moment to spare. They are much nicer to look at than stumps, if you ask me!

Sara, spa manager and therapist

Big stone down by the playground

The whole of Marholmen means a lot to me. When I was little, I often came here with my grandmother and played by the big stone, which seemed enormous at the time. Grandma lived in the Förvaltarbostaden here on the island as a child and this doll was given to her as a 7th birthday present by Nils Berg, who owned Marholmen at the time.

Sandra, Reception

Nils Badhus

The 'little' trip over to the island makes this place extraordinary. Here I can drag myself across the water on the raft. I mainly like this island for the beautiful views of many of Marholmen's good spots. From here I can see the beach life at the bathing area and I look over to our cozy glamping tents on the island rascal. This is a place that is equally beautiful regardless of the season.

Amanda, conference & activity

Villa Berg 

I have so many great memories in Villa Berg with both colleagues and friends. I have celebrated both Midsummer and New Year here - there is no better place to be. Working early mornings and late evenings is a very special feeling in Villa Berg and if you haven't experienced a sunrise here, you have missed out.

Alexandra, the restaurant

Sea side of the Beach Pavilion 

This is my favorite place on the island because of its location. An Ofyr lunch on the lake side of the Beach Pavilion isn't just a feeling - it's an experience! When you've just set everything up and you're just waiting for the guests to arrive, you take a second to look around and out over the trees and water. It's magical.

Peter, conference & activity

The bench on the eastern tip of Strömsholmen

At dawn, this place comes alive every day. As the sun offers its first rays, both animals and nature wake up in a color spectrum that follows our seasons. The best way to re-energize for a new day.

Susanna, Conference booking & sales

The hammocks on Strömsholmen

I replenish my energy here in the hammock. I close my eyes and lie down comfortably and listen to the sounds around me. It is incredibly soothing to lie here and listen to the melody of the trees from the wind, a bobbing boat a little further away, birds chirping and the occasional laughing duck down by the water's edge.

Linda, private booking

The jetty below the Yellow Villa

Actually, I want to choose the entire walkway between the raft and the beach - especially, of course, for the wonderful view! The calm and privacy here on the jetty below the Yellow Villa makes it an extra lovely place - not least when the spring sun warms your face.

Patrik, hotel manager

The sauna in the Mareld Spa

I come from Finland so bathing and saunas are part of my DNA. Working in a hotel means that no two days are the same and there is always a lot going on. The sauna in our spa has a wonderful view of the bay and is equally warm and relaxing regardless of the season, so a cool dip in the outdoor pool followed by a sauna is the perfect way for me to unwind after a busy day.

Jessica, Economics Department

Steamship pier

It's not hard to find cozy spots here on the island, but this dock is absolutely magical with its tranquility and amazing views.

Malin, conference & group booking

The three wooden bridges towards Strömsholmen.

My favorite place on the island is the three wooden bridges out towards Strömsholmen. On both sides there are reeds waving and you look out over the sea. During the different seasons, the colors of nature change and there is something magical about each season.

Aragorn, hotel dog

Dog beach at Rackaren 

The most fun is going really fast in the electric mullet! But otherwise, the dog beach is my favorite place because I love to swim. Although I let my mom Amanda think it's the agility course. Sometimes I escape back to the stable and then the bridge over to the mainland is the best!

Gisela, conference & activity

Boat orientation pier

I have always been fascinated by wooden bridges and being on this particular bridge is a balm for the soul. In sunshine, the water sparkles. In a storm, foaming waves sweep in. From here, the ever-changing spectacle of nature is wonderful to watch, whatever the weather and season.

Bibi, Marketing and Sales Manager

The wholesale farm

Historical buildings have always fascinated me and my imagination runs wild about all the people who have lived there and what might have happened within its walls over the years. The Grosshandlargården used to be a folk education home and its beautiful ceiling paintings were made by Elsa Beskow who lived here on Marholmen in the late 20th century. This is exactly the kind of place that sparks my imagination. What was Elsa like as a person? What did she feel, think and be inspired by? If only walls could talk!