An unusual day of meetings at Marholmen

Among all the groups that meet at Marholmen, few choose what we in the industry call a "Kaluka meeting", i.e. coffee, lunch, coffee in a conference room with four walls. No, here almost everyone takes the opportunity to discover the island, our spa or spend time in nature! And as you know, there is no bad weather, so you can come all year round.

You will be welcomed to Marholmen by one of our professional project managers, who will keep track of all the details and the day's schedule. After a morning meeting, which usually includes an invigorating coffee break and sometimes a walking meeting around the island, it is time to enjoy lunch around one of our Ofirs, where the chef grills the day's lunch with the sea as an extra spice.

Re-energized, you gather again for another couple of hours of meetings, before it's time for our project manager to make another entrance. Because now it's time for a team-building activity! Among our most popular activities is Marholmen's Champions. And anyone who has seen the program understands what it is all about - a competition where you use both bud and bud. Just one suggestion among many activities that can be done here at Marholmen! See all the possibilities here>>

During the evening dinner, the lucky winners will be announced. But before that, there's time to relax in the Mareld Spa, swim in the hot tub at Badholmen, hang out in the bar or just relax in your hotel room or in our cozy cottages or villas here on the island. The next day it's time to return to everyday life again. Now as an even more tightly knit group, strengthened by the fresh air on Marholmen and new shared memories.