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Seven tips for a successful company Christmas party

It's mid-July at the time of writing, but soon enough we'll be in the middle of the Christmas party season, which is already starting to be booked. For most people, the festive gathering at work on the eve of the holiday season is just fun. But for some, anxiety about knowing who to talk to or what kind of behavior to accept can create stress before the party. 

Here are seven tips to make this year's Christmas party safer and more fun for you and your colleagues.

1. Talk aboutsomething other than work
Break the pattern and talk about something other than what you do during the day. After all, the Christmas party is a social occasion where the focus should be on just that. Not sure what to say? Ask questions! Most people love to talk about themselves.

2. Dare to broaden your horizon
Don't just talk to colleagues you already know. Talk to everyone. Both because it's nice to get to know new people, but also because it doesn't hurt to have good relationships with colleagues in departments you don't usually work with.

3. Skip the negative talk
Avoid talking shit, complaining about your boss or whining about a difficult customer. If someone is still talking shit - ask them to take it up with the person concerned and say "this sounds important, but it doesn't feel like it concerns me. I should have taken it up with xx instead."

4. Dealing with inappropriate jokes and comments
If you are the target of inappropriate comments or jokes, or see someone else being targeted, it is important to speak up, even though it may be difficult. One way to speak up without being rude to the person is to lower the behavior, but raise the person. For example: "When you say that, you sound sexist and it feels strange, because you are not sexist. You would benefit from not making such jokes in the future."

5. Take a break fromyour phone
Pay attention to the people there instead of your smartphone. Be present and get to know the other people at the Christmas party, rather than just documenting it. And if you are going to post something on social media, wait until afterwards and ask for approval from those in the picture.

6. If you are a manager - act as a role model!
If you are a manager, remember that employees look to you to see how they should behave. Both in terms of how you behave yourself, but also what behavior you accept from others. If there is someone who you know is at risk of behaving badly, have a little chat with the person before the party.

And finally, don't forget to have fun!

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We thank the rhetoric agency Snacka Snyggt for tips 2-7, which were first published in an article in Svenska Mötens magazine in the fall of 2019.