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Why do people celebrate Midsummer?

Midsummer is one of Sweden's most beloved holidays, filled with tradition, joy and community. But why do we actually celebrate Midsummer? Let's dive into this fascinating tradition and learn more about its origins and meaning, while exploring how to experience an unforgettable Midsummer celebration at Marholmen in the Roslagen archipelago.

When is Midsummer celebrated?

Midsummer is celebrated close to the summer solstice, which occurs around June 21 each year. The summer solstice is the time of year when the sun is highest in the sky, giving us the longest day and shortest night of the year. This astronomical phenomenon has fascinated people for centuries and marks a turning point in the cycle of nature, as we move from the rise of light towards darker times. It is a time to celebrate light, warmth and life, and to enjoy the abundance of nature before summer gradually turns to fall.

The origin of midsummer

Originally, Midsummer was a pagan festival celebrated to welcome summer and honor the forces of nature. People believed that nature was filled with magic and supernatural powers during this time, and that it was a time of fertility and prosperity.

With the arrival of Christianity in Sweden, the celebration of Midsummer was integrated with the celebration of John the Baptist Day on June 24. Despite the religious connection, Midsummer retained much of its original, pagan character, and it remains a celebration of the forces of nature and the sun.

Traditions and Symbols

The midsummer pole, one of the most iconic symbols of midsummer, has its roots in ancient fertility symbols. Traveling and dancing around the midsummer pole is a central part of the celebration. Flowers and greenery are used to decorate the pole, houses and people. Picking seven or nine different flowers and putting them under the pillow is said to bring visions of their future partner in the dream.

Midsummer on Marholmen

Food and drink also play an important role in Midsummer celebrations. Traditional Midsummer dishes include pickled herring, fresh potatoes with dill, sour cream, strawberries and a schnapps. Meals are often long and festive, with singing and dancing as natural elements.

Midsummer on Marholmen

For those who want to experience a truly idyllic and traditional midsummer, there are few places that beat Marholmen in the Roslagen archipelago. Marholmen offers a perfect combination of scenic surroundings and rich cultural history. Here you can experience Midsummer in a way that truly embodies the Swedish summer.

On Marholmen, the celebrations begin as early as the Thursday before Midsummer Eve, with check-in at hotels, archipelago houses or villas. Here you will be greeted by blooming summer meadows, water lapping against the piers and an atmosphere that is hard to beat. Midsummer Eve on Marholmen includes the traditional raising of the midsummer pole, followed by communal games and dancing. For food lovers, there is a traditional midsummer lunch and a delicious barbecue buffet to enjoy.

Midsummer on Marholmen

Relaxation and Activities

In addition to the traditional celebrations, Marholmen offers a variety of activities for the whole family. On Midsummer's Day, you can relax and enjoy nature, participate in activities such as beach volleyball, adventure golf, fishing trips and much more. Marholmen has something for everyone, whether you are looking for excitement or relaxation.

Activities at Marholmen
Marholmen, summer


Midsummer is a time to celebrate the light, nature and community with loved ones. By taking part in this celebration at Marholmen, you not only get to experience Swedish traditions in an authentic way, but also enjoy a relaxing and fun weekend in one of Sweden's most beautiful archipelago environments. Welcome to celebrate Midsummer at Marholmen - where tradition meets the beauty of nature and creates memories for life.

What is Glamping? We explain!

Glamping is a trend that has become increasingly popular around the world, including in Sweden. It's a more luxurious form of camping that combines the simplicity and tranquillity of nature with modern comfort and style. But what does glamping really mean, and what can you expect from a glamping experience? In this article, we'll guide you through the world of glamping and give you tips on how to experience this unique form of accommodation.

What is glamping?

Glamping, or 'glamorous camping', is a style of vacationing for those who want to experience nature without compromising on comfort. It's camping for those who prefer a comfortable bed to a sleeping bag on the ground and who want to enjoy nature without having to put up a tent.

Definition of Glamping

Glamping is a compound word of 'glamor' and 'camping' and refers to a more luxurious camping experience. It often involves staying in well-equipped tents, cabins, yurts or other unique accommodations that often include amenities such as real beds, private bathrooms and sometimes even air conditioning and heating.

Why choose Glamping?

Glamping has become a popular option for those seeking a unique getaway. It offers a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and closer to nature, while enjoying comfort and luxury. It is a perfect balance between adventure and relaxation.

Glamping vs. Traditional Camping

While traditional camping often involves a lot of preparation and primitive conditions, glamping takes away much of that hassle and replaces it with first-class facilities and service.

Amenities in Glamping

In a glamping environment you can expect a higher standard of amenities. These may include:

  • Comfortable beds with quality mattresses.
  • Electricity and lighting.
  • Private bathrooms with hot water.
  • Possibility of cooking or even restaurant on site.
  • Heated accommodation for cooler nights.

The Glamping experience

Glamping is not only about comfortable accommodation but also about the experience. Many glamping sites are located in scenic areas that offer activities such as hiking, canoeing, fishing and wildlife watching. It's a chance to turn off your cell phone, disconnect from everyday demands and reconnect with nature and yourself.

Where can I find Glampa?

Glamping has spread all over the world and can now be found in many different places, from remote forests to coastal beaches.

Glamping in Sweden

In Sweden, glamping has become more and more common, and there are now many glamping sites to choose from. One of these is Marholmen, located in Roslagen, which offers a luxurious nature experience with all the amenities you could wish for. Read more about Glamping in Stockholm.


Internationally, you can find glamping sites from the African savannahs to the American mountains. Each place offers its own unique charm and experiences.

How to choose the right Glamping site?

Glamping in Stockholm at Marholmen

When looking for the perfect glamping site, it's important to consider what you want to get out of your stay. Here are some factors to consider:


Do you want to be near the water, in a forest or on a mountain top? The location influences not only the view but also the activities available.


Make sure the glamping site has the amenities that are important to you. Do you want access to a restaurant, or do you prefer to cook your own food? Do you need Wi-Fi or do you want to disconnect completely?

Type of Accommodation

Think about what type of accommodation you prefer. Are you interested in a traditional tent, a yurt, a treehouse, or perhaps a converted caravan?

Glamping in a tent on a raft


Glamping can vary greatly in price depending on the location and the type of luxury you are looking for. Set a budget and look for options that fit within it.

Tips for your first Glamping trip

To get the most out of your glamping trip, here are some tips:

Pack right

Although glamping is more comfortable than traditional camping, it can still be useful to pack clothes for different weather and activities as well as some basic accessories.

Explore the area

Glamping sites are often located in beautiful natural areas. Take the chance to explore local hiking trails, waterways or other scenic spots.

Respect nature

Remember that you are a guest in nature. Follow the 'Leave No Trace' principles and respect the animals and the environment around your glamping site.

Be open to relaxation

Glamping is a chance to unwind. Leave work and everyday stress behind and enjoy time in nature.


Glamping is the perfect solution for those looking for a nature experience without sacrificing comfort and luxury. Whether you're looking for a romantic weekend, a family vacation or a solo adventure, there's a glamping site to suit your needs. So why not try glamping and create memories that will last a lifetime?

Glamping is here to stay, offering a unique combination of nature and convenience that is attracting more and more vacationers. By choosing the right location and preparing well, you can look forward to an unforgettable experience that will bring you closer to nature in a way you never thought possible.

So next time you're wondering "what is glamping?", remember that it's much more than just a night under the stars - it's a whole experience waiting to be explored.