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More information on the 2023 fall break

During the holidays we welcome our younger guests a little extra. We have loaded the fall holiday with daily Adventure Walks with story time for the little ones, movie screenings for the whole family with popcorn, nature bingo, tip walk, a large playground and games. Older children are welcome to visit our spa with an adult or challenge the family to a ping pong match in the Boathouse.

In addition, there are several organized barbecue areas here on the island and we offer ready-made kolbulle bags with everything you need to cook a wonderful Kolbulle lunch over an open fire for the whole family. And if you want to take the opportunity to try a cold bath with a warming sauna, that's great! During the holidays, children over the age of four can also access Mareld Spa at certain times in the company of their parents.

The best thing about the autumn holiday here at Marholmen is that you can choose to stay in your own cottage with three bedrooms and a total of six beds, a sauna and a large living room and kitchen with a wood-burning stove. You choose whether you want to take care of yourself with self-catering or take a break from cooking and let our chefs prepare the food instead.

Maximise your time with us

What do you want to do during your time with us? Spa, bath & sauna, play, paddle, play or compete? You choose.

See our activities

Book an autumn holiday package in our cozy cottages with wood-burning stove and sauna. Or book a hotel package with a spa for older children.


Autumn holiday package in a self-catering Marholm cottage

This autumn holiday package is for those who want to be self-catering. All the activities of the fall holiday are included, as well as a breakfast buffet for a great start to the day.

Autumn holiday package


Autumn holiday package in cottage with dinner

This package is for those who want a real fall break! Both breakfast buffet and dinner are included for a wonderfully relaxing time, as well as departure cleaning.

Autumn holiday package with dinner


Carpooling with accommodation in a hotel room

With our Together package, you and your teenager - or why not grandchildren - stay in one of our hotel rooms. Spa entrance and dinner are included. From 12 years old.


What do you want to do during the fall break? Swim, play, exercise, discover - or just be?

All this is included during the autumn holidays for our resident guests here at Marholmen.

Here at Marholmen there is always something to do, regardless of the age of the children.

  • Daily adventure walk with story time for the little ones at 14:15.
  • Daily cinema screenings for the whole family with popcorn at 15:30.
  • Ping-pong in the Boathouse or Carpet Curling in the Grosshandlargården (free of charge but don't forget to book an appointment).
  • Nature bingo - a fun game in nature for the little ones
  • A quiz with tricky questions for both children and adults.
  • There is a large and fun outdoor playground with a cable car in the middle of the island.
  • Board games and card games are always available

Do you want to have a really, really good time during the holidays?

Then we recommend the following options:

Book for a Kolbullekasse and prepare lunch together over an open fire at one of our organized barbecue areas. Booked no later than the day before.

Mareld Spa. During the school holidays, children over 4 years old are welcome every day from 08:00 to 10:00 or 10:00 to 12:00 and children over 12 years old from 14:00 to 16:00. Admission is always accompanied by a parent or guardian for those under 18 years old.

Book to the wonderful Badholmen with its own sauna for a refreshing dip in the sea.

Or try this fall's big news here at Marholmen - 7° Bad & Bastu!


Email reception@marholmen.se to book well in advance of arrival or add as an option in your booking.