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Tips for team building activities during your kickoff at Marholmen.

A kickoff is one of your best tools to set the tone for the corporate culture you want your business to have. The better relationships your employees have, the more easily they understand, communicate and read each other, which in turn allows for more creativity and faster problem solving. Few things build teams as effectively as a fun and inclusive team building activity. Here are our top tips for team building activities during your kickoff.

We are now seeing more and more reports that reinforce the picture of how important pieces of the puzzle for successful businesses - such as creativity, collaboration and corporate culture - are suffering because we have not been able to meet physically during the corona pandemic. The purpose of a kickoff is not only to anchor the goals of the business or project with all employees or project members, it is also a chance for all participants to build and deepen relationships. Because when we build relationships, we also build the all-important team spirit and trust in our colleagues. This is the glue that makes us a 'we'. The better the relationships, the easier it is to understand and read each other, which in turn creates room for creativity and problem solving. In short, the kickoff is a tool to set the tone for the corporate culture you want to characterize your business.

So far, so good. But choosing an activity that the whole group can appreciate, participate in and that achieves the purpose of your kickoff can be tricky. What to choose? How to think about it?

Our advice is to spend some time choosing the right activity that reflects the purpose and objectives of your meeting. If the group doesn't already know each other well, the purpose is probably to get to know each other. Consider making the activity a collaborative exercise with plenty of time to talk and interact with each other, such as cooking together. Does the group already know each other well? Then perhaps a more experiential activity, such as a high-altitude course, would bring the team together and increase trust?

Consider not organizing a half-day of mountain climbing if there are people in the group who have physical limitations or disabilities. Also, don't choose a quiz on Swedish pop songs during dinner if any of the employees did not grow up in Sweden. And a karaoke night can be quite stiff if it's a new group that doesn't already know each other well...

Here are a number of activities that you can do here on Marholmen to inspire you:

  • Masters of Marholmen

Challenge yourself together with your colleagues! In Marholmens Mästare, you practice the ability to cooperate and weld the team together, while becoming a snack for a long time to come. The activity takes place outdoors on Strömsholmen when the weather permits. In the cold and rain, we have just as much fun in our activity cellar.

  • Boat orientation

Get to know the islet around Marholmen and embark on a breathtaking adventure at sea! As a team, collect clues from buoys and solve the puzzle under time pressure. May the best team win!

  • Yoga Walk About with forest bathing

Take the whole group out for a lovely, leader-led yoga walk with Forest Bathing on the island to replenish energy levels, boost creativity - and spirits.

  • Half past seven at Marholmen

Our Dinner Box is a cooking activity consisting of a three-course dinner prepared by our chefs, which you prepare together and eat in your cottage or villa. Suitable for groups up to 6 people. If you book Villa Berg, you can do the activity for up to 14 people.

  • Escape Box

Does your team work well together under pressure? With this activity, you will strengthen and build team cohesion while solving an advanced spy game as secret agents. A lot of fun!

  • Play adventure golf

Adventure golf is a sport for everyone - from colleagues who already play at a professional level to those who have never held a golf club. On our course, everyone is challenged! The tournament ends with an award ceremony.

  • Conference lunch over an open fire

Even the conference lunch can be an experience here! Gathering around an open fire to cook and eat together is in our DNA, paving the way for creative conversations.

  • Spa provision

Reward your team with a relaxing moment in the Mareld Spa after a long day of productive meetings. Features include a whirlpool, a dry sauna overlooking the bay and a steam room with a starry ceiling.

  • Challenge each other in boules

It only takes a few minutes to learn how to play boules but it is said to take years to master all the tactical and technical subtleties. Boule is an increasingly popular sport.

  • Mat curling

Challenge your colleagues to carpet curling in Grosshandlargården's historic building. This is an activity suitable for those who have little time but want to do something fun together.

  • Go on a kayak tour

Rent kayaks and enjoy a nature experience on the lake. Instructors will accompany you if you wish and life jackets are of course included. 

  • Fishing with guide and equipment

Book a half day, full day or an afterwork on the lake! You will be taken on an exciting fishing trip on fully equipped sport fishing boats with a professional fishing guide and all the necessary equipment.

  • Ping pong tournament in Båthuset

In Marholmen's boathouse, located below the hotel, icy winds blow in through the walls. With the heat from the roof, your hat on and a table tennis racket in your hand, you can play a game of unusual table tennis.

  • Badholmen with its own hot tub

Badholmen has two hot tubs, a private sandy beach and a sauna that you can rent for the whole group for two hours. Snacks and drinks can be ordered for a magical moment on the private headland.

  • Music quiz

A music quiz with a troubadour is a team-building, laughter-inducing activity suitable for groups of all types and sizes. A perfect end to the day or mood enhancing party starter.

  • Cold bath with sauna

Challenge yourself to a refreshing cold bath followed by a sauna that is good for both body and soul. You rent the entire Badholmen for private use. Complete the experience with drinks and snacks.

Remember! Choose activities during the kick-off that reflect your purpose and goals. If the aim is to get to know each other, consider some kind of cooperation exercise, such as cooking together. And don't organize a half-day of mountain climbing if there are people in the group who have physical limitations or disabilities. Also, don't choose a quiz on Swedish pop songs during dinner if any of the employees did not grow up in Sweden.